Non-threatening Green Design

I was recently a guest on the Mike Nowak Show (WCPT Chicago Progressive Talk Radio / AM820). Mike’s show generally focuses on gardening and other outdoor eco-related topics. On this day, in addition to his usual fare, we talked a bit about indoor life and what he dubbed Non-threatening Green Design. What this comes down to is doing what you can do when you can do it. Green design can be completely non-threatening if you approach as you would a large, barking dog – without showing fear. But seriously, if you educate yourself and don’t try to do everything all at once, you can green as you go – in your own time and on your own budget. Click on the CONTACT US link and email or call to schedule a complimentary green consultation.*

And here’s a link to the podcast of Mike’s show: Scroll down to July 22nd to hear our conversation.


* Complimentary consultation available in the Chicago area.

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